Cray Pot Hauler Lonestar Haulmaster 1500 Hitech Marine Perth

The newest and toughest Pot Hauler on the market has just Landed @ Hitech Marine
Lonestar Haulmaster, Exclusive Hitech Marine Pre Release @ Perth Boat Show 2022

What is a Lonestar Haulmaster?
A 1500W Fully-Sealed Modular Line Hauling System, with 1 bolt change-over can be used as…

  • Cray Pot hauler / with hands free hauling & self-coiling rope guide
  • Deep dropper / with Braid spool & clutch
  • Fixed Spool / for Down Rigging-Gurdie Fishing
  • Mono Spool / with clutch for Long Lines

The large Sheave has a 68 Kilo Working Load (150 pounds ) & grips multiple thicknesses of Rope from 6mm to 14mm, with no slippage to enable hands free hauling. Alternatively, you can use the built in Capstan winch with a Working load of 317 Kilos for slower Retrieval.

No more Pot tippers, No more side to side cross boat line hauling, No more line slipping.

The New Lonestar Marine Haulmaster is a cray pot hauler and so much more!

The Haulmaster is a Modular Line Hauling System with interchangeable fittings and accessories making it suitable for Multiple Fishing Styles and types. The Haulmaster Pot Hauler has a Fully Sealed 1500w drive with a Removeable Power lead rated to IP67 Standards.

The Proprietary power sheave grips rope from 6mm-14mm with no slippage for hands free hauling. There’s no need to tie off when swinging pot into the boat thanks to the Lift & Locking pins for easy positioning or for swinging pots into your boat.

The Haulmaster also incorporates a Self-Coiling rope guide with a Large sheave which easily hauls pots or drop lines at up to 50m per minute. You can also use the capstan winch for slower retrieval, extra heavy loads, or if slippage is required

The large Sheave has a 68 Kilo Working Load (150 pounds )
The Capstan winch has a Working load of 317 Kilos (700lb)

The Haulmaster was designed as a 3 piece design with the ability to easily be bolted or assembled with included PTO Clips for fast disassembly.
The Frame post & boom can be cut down to suit your vessel & Purpose and there’s also the option for through gunnel or inside gunnel mounting options. ­­

­­­What Comes In the Box?

You’ll also receive all mounting fittings, frame, boom, open Foble sheave, pot hook, and lead are included.
1 bolt changeover to fit:
Mono Spool with clutch for long lines
Braid spool with clutch for deep dropping
Fixed spool for Down rigging/Gurdie Fishing­­Like all Lonestar Marine Products This Unit is Proudly Manufactured in Australia and has been built TOUGH with a 5 Year Warranty