Simrad Radars

Simrad radar solutions empower recreational boaters with invaluable capabilities from long-distance weather monitoring, to safer navigation in poor visibility and crowded harbours, to bird-finding that’s perfect for offshore sportfishing adventurers.

  • Halo™ Pulse Compression radar offers a unique mix of close and long-range performance, letting you navigate safely around immediate obstacles while maintaining a long-distance situational view.
  • Broadband 3G™ and 4G™ radar systems offer the ultimate in close-range detection, in a compact radome that’s perfect for smaller vessels.
  • Simrad HD Digital radar systems are designed to commercial standards for long range, high resolution, and maximum ocean-going reliability.
  • Simrad radar systems integrate seamlessly with our Ethernet-connected multifunction displays.
  • Dedicated radar control units offer the option of a standalone radar console with a professional-grade interface.

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