Simrad AIS Portfolio Expanded With New SOTDMA Class-B Solution
June 06, 2018

The new Simrad V3100 Class B AIS is designed to meet the needs of vessels operating in high-traffic areas. SOTDMA technology and increased output power provide improved transmission reliability and range, in a cost-effective package for vessels that require greater performance than standard Class B AIS but do not require a full Class A solution.

The V3100 Class B AIS incorporates the same SOTDMA technology found in Class A systems. This self-organising transmission technology allows the V3100 to negotiate a regular transmission timeslot with other AIS units in range, facilitating more frequent and reliable position updates in areas of high AIS activity such as crowded harbours and waterways.

With a maximum transmission power of five Watts—more than double the output power of standard Class B systems—the V3100 allows a vessel to be detected at greater range and provides more reliable transmission to satellite-based AIS receivers.

This ‘black box’ AIS solution is designed to work with Simrad multifunction displays and other NMEA 2000® or NMEA 0183® connected marine electronics.