Recreational Boating During COVID-19


The Following information was obtained from the Depatment of transport website as of the 06/04/2020

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Recreational boating

See below common questions about recreational boating during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following information is provided to the State’s 100,000 recreational boat owners and others who enjoy the State’s waterways using other craft.

Can I go boating?

We recommend if you don’t need to go out on your boat, then please don’t. Non-essential activities should be postponed or cancelled.

Please view State Government Directions on gatherings and social distancing.

Is there a ban on boating?

No, there has been no direction to prohibit people from going boating – but you should stay at home if the planned activity is non-essential.

Can I go kiteboarding, windsurfing, kayaking or take out my paddle craft?

Advice from the Federal and State Government is to stay at home unless shopping for food, going to work, exercising or attending a medical appointment. If you consider kayaking or paddling essential as a form of exercise, you should follow social distancing directions.

If boating is an essential activity, possibly for fishing or exercise, what do I need to remember?

The two-person rule applies unless you are boating with members of your family or those you live with. If boating with one person that you do not reside with, ensure you maintain social distancing (at least 1.5 metres apart). Use hand sanitiser where there is any contact with shared surfaces. If you are boating alone, please ensure you tell someone where you are going, check the weather and wear a lifejacket.

Should I do anything different at the launch ramp?

Wait your turn at the ramp and if there are two lanes, only use one to ensure social distancing. Do the same on your return to the ramp when retrieving your boat from the water. Remember to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene at all times.

Are there restrictions on where I can go boating?

Skippers should be aware of the current notices to mariners, including those in place restricting access to Rottnest Island. There are also restrictions preventing vessels crossing regional boundaries.

Can I buy fuel for my boat and other essentials?

Yes. However, in line with Government advice, you should stay at home unless shopping for food, going to work, exercising or attending a medical appointment.

Can I do maintenance on my boat at a marina?

Check with marina staff at the facility before going.

Are DoT maritime facilities open?

Yes. However, in line with Government advice, if your visit is not essential, please reconsider your need to attend.

Will there be a pause on boat registrations?

No. DoT continues to process recreational boat registrations.