Meet the newest members to Mercury’s Four Stoke Family

The Revolutionary 115hp Command Thrust

What if you could hang a lighter, mid-range Four Stroke outboard on your transom without sacrificing speed, hole shot, driving experience or sheer pulling power?

What if that outboard also delivered increased fuel savings, hassle-free maintenance and extreme reliability?


The All New 115hp Four Stroke is available with Mercury’s mighty Command Thrust package. The larger “CT” gear case and 2.38:1 gear ratio, paired with Mercury’s V6-class larger-diameter propellers, provides greater acceleration, better handling, awesome maneuverability, and superior stopping power.

Un-Bridled Power

Un-think everything you know about performance. True power isn’t just about speed and acceleration, it’s determined by – displacement, torque, power to weight, size, friction resistance, gear case, overall design and engineering.

It’s these finer details that come together to make our all new Four Strokes unbeatable, against all comers. For stronger acceleration, lower planing speeds and improved tow sports capability, you won’t find better.

Larger Displacement At 2.1 liters, the all new Mercury 75-115hp has one of the largest displacements in its class. Our 115hp is the lightest in its class – it has a similar weight to the 75-90hp, but it offers over 30% more displacementscreenshot855_497x295

Un-Expectedly Compact

Mercury’s all new 75-115hp Four Strokes redefine smart marine engine design with simpler lines, lightweight, durable new materials and fewer moving parts than competitive Four Stroke engines.

Cutting-edge engineering has packed incredible power into a light, compact package, making them tough, durable and efficient.

Lightest 115hp Four Stroke on the planet

A low profile, lighter weight engine is compact, improves power-to-weight, and reduces the overall package weight of the boat, allowing you to take full advantage of the engine’s torque for acceleration.

The compact size also means older boats that were not initially designed for the weight of heavier 4-Strokes can now be re powered and reborn to perform at their best.screenshot856_500x253

Un-Compromising Reliabilty

Built tough and built to last, the all new 75-115hp Four Strokes have been tested mercilessly to make them more reliable. From vicious log strikes to saltwater spray booths – the tougher the test, the tougher the engine.

We make sure all Mercury customers benefit from:115 CT

Un-Deniably Fuel Efficient

More displacement means the engine doesn’t have to rev as hard to produce the power, ensuring better fuel economy and a Four Stroke that powers your boat without even raising a sweat, so throttle back and enjoy longer time on the water.


Un-Belivebly Smooth and Quiet

With Mercury’s all new 75-115hp Four Strokes, everything possible has been done to reduce engine noise, vibration and harshness, to deliver the most pleasant driving experience of any outboard in their class.

New innovations include:

  • Quiet Trim Pump System
  • Refined Clutch System
  • Unique Focused Mount System
  • Top Mounted Throttle Body
  • Sound Absorbent Cowl Design
  • Tuned Idle Exhaust Relief System

 Superior Corrosion Protection

Mercury Four Strokes deliver powerful saltwater protection by using stainless steel components, hard anodizing, engineered polymers, and an exclusive multi step painting and coating process. Saltwater maintenance is made easy in the 75-115hp models with the innovative freshwater flush. And only Mercury offers a three-year limited corrosion failure warranty.

HP @ Prop 115
kW @ Prop 84
Max RPM (WOT) 5000-6000
Cylinder/Configuration In-line 4, 8-valve, Single over head cam (SOHC)
Displacement (cc) 2065 (2.1L)
Bore & Stroke (mm) 90 x 81
Cooling System Water-cooled w/thermostat
Ignition System Smart Craft ECM 07
Starting Electric (Turn-Key) with Smart Start
Gear Ratio 2.38:1 Command Thrust
Gear Shift F-N-R
Recommended Steering Remote: Mercury hydraulic, Tiller: Option^
Alternator Amp 35-amp (441 Watt) Stator w/water-cooled voltage regulators
Trim System Power trim and tilt
Induction System Performance Tuned Scroll Intake Manifold
Fuel System Computer controlled sequential multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Shaft Length (inches) 20/25 (Counter Rotation available in 25′)
Shaft Length (mm) 508/635
Dry Weight (kg.)* 165
Operator Warning System Smart Craft Engine Guardian
Smart Craft Yes
Warranty** 3 + 2 = 5 years
Corrosion Warranty 3 Years

^Big Tiller option available *Weight specification is based on the lightest version **Warranty Conditions apply

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