Mercury 150 HP Fourstroke – The innovation behind this 150hp FourStroke has come directly from you, our customer

The Ultimate 150hp FourStroke

The innovation behind this 150hp FourStroke has come directly from you, our customer. After extensive feedback on our products and global surveys, we’ve delivered:

  • FourStroke Technology for maximum fuel economy and smoothness
  • Large Displacement for “out of the hole” performance
  • Compact and lowest weight in design for better hull manoeuvrability
  • Fewer moving parts for less friction and greater reliability
  • Quiet operation making it easy to converse
  • An outboard that is fully tested in all conditions for all round performance
  • The only outboard that comes with a 3 year Corrosion Warranty
  • More stainless steel for longevity
  • Best in class Battery Charging System for longer battery life


Durability & Superior Performance

Higher displacement means less work from the engine to produce torque and horsepower. The new Mercury 150 hp FourStroke is built to develop loads of torque at a stress level that will ensure higher durability than any other 150 hp outboard. Higher displacement simply means more torque and horsepower. The higher the torque, the faster the holeshot and acceleration. And more power equals faster top speeds. The Mercury 150 FourStroke is the only 150 FourStroke to have a torque curve rivaling the strongest two-strokes.

Some 3.0L outboards produce well over 250hp. This 3.0L Mercury FourStroke only needs to deliver 150hp, which means exceptional durability and long-term peace of mind.

The new 150hp FourStroke also features a robust 4.9″ gearcase that uses larger, more durable components.

With nearly 10,000 hours of engineering and field testing, we made sure that this 150hp FourStroke is the world’s most reliable outboard engine.


The lowest weight 150 FourStroke on the planet!

What seems like magic is simply Mercury Marine doing what it does best – creating game-changing, incomparable engines that elevate boating to the next level.

The new Mercury 150hp FourStroke has almost 15% fewer parts than Suzuki’s 150 Fourstroke and almost 18% fewer parts than Yamaha 150 hp Four-stroke engine.

The new Mercury 150hp FourStroke is 206kg (454 lbs) and is only 10kg (22 lbs) heavier than the 150 OptiMax (at 196kg / 432 lbs).A smaller compact design and a lighter weight reduces the overall package weight of the boat, which, depending on the hull, will improve performance and efficiency.

This makes the new 150hp FourStroke a great fit not only for new boat packages, but also repower, even on older boats which could not handle the weight of heavier competitive 4-Strokes.

Weight comparisons are based on competitors’ published weights for 20″ (L) models.


The Mercury 150hp FourStroke incorporates an exclusive and unique Focused Mount System which is 22 percent heavier and tougher than those found on competitive 150hp outboards.

The upper mounts are at a much wider 45-degree angle from the engine’s center of gravity and in a location where they can operate under ambient temperature conditions, rather than under the higher heat radiating from the immediate powerhead area.

Placing the mounts farther away from the powerhead significantly reduces mount temperature and increases mount durability. Angling the mounts significantly reduces vibration transmitted to the boat, at all points in the power band, but especially at transient points from a fast idle to where the boat is coming on plane.

Higher durability and significantly reduced vibration mean a more pleasurable boating experience all around.