Mercury 15 HP Super Twostroke – The Mercury 15hp Super TwoStroke contains a larger capacity engine than standard – ideal for when you’ve got to move a heavier load.


When looking at portables, ask yourself if they can deliver what Mercury can.
Mercury offer portable TwoStroke engines that:

1. Are lightweight & powerful
2. Start easily with modular electronic ignition simple to maintain
3. Offer variable engine trim positions for various conditions
4. Are portable and easy to handle with carrying handles and grips
5. Use exclusive XK360 alloy that is corrosion resistant
6. Large displacement powerhead for performance and efficiency
7. Are covered by a comprehensive 3+2=5 year warranty
8. Are backed by a 3 year anti-corrosion warranty
9. Are part of the widest choice of portable power in the industry
10. Are available with steering Co-Pilot, an additional steering control