The Stacer 481 Seamaster is a popular choice for families seeking adventure on the water. It's a versatile boat that can be used for fishing or cruising, making it an ideal all-rounder. With a range of useful features, such as a large accessory kit, rod holders, and a foldable rear lounge, this boat is well-equipped for any adventure.

The 481 Seamaster comes standard with a bimini and envelope, scupper drainage system, and underfloor flotation for added support and stability, ensuring it's suitable for all weather conditions. Moreover, its new "Revolution" Hull from Stacer is a standout feature that provides unparalleled performance and stability on the water.

The Stacer 481 Seamaster Runabout is Also Available in the SE / Special Edition Model which includes Special Features as Standard Incliding an inbuilt Marine Grade Sound System + Speakers, Hydraulic Tilt Steering, Transom cutting board + Seating Upgrades. Contact Hitech Marine Today to learn More - Your Local Stacer Aluminium Boat Sales Dealer 

Whether you're planning a fishing trip or a leisurely cruise, the 481 Seamaster is an excellent choice for all your water-based activities. Explore Hitech Marine's website to learn more about this fantastic boat and their full range of Stacer models and marine equipment.

Stacer 481 Seamaster Aluminium Runabout Boat Specifications