This heavy 5.4M Tri hull has been Repowered with a new Mercury 60hp CT (Command Thrust) four stroke Engine by Hitech Marine.

The larger gearbox on the Mercury Command Thrust allows for a propeller with more blade area, the result is getting up on the plane with far less effort and that means less fuel.

At a cruising speed of 37KPH (20 Knots) the fuel injected Mercury engine uses only 12.7 Litres per hour. This equates to a very economical 0.34 Litres per Kilometre travelled, or if you prefer just over 1 litre of fuel for a 3 Kilometre trip running at 20 knots!

Check out the performance and fuel economy specs below of download the full version…

Mercury 60hp CT Performance and fuel economy Specification

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Download Performance and fuel economy Specifications