Our 6kW HD open array digital radar provides boaters with exceptional detection of small or distant targets using our advanced Digital Signal Processing technology. Screen clutter in any weather is virtually eliminated, allowing a clear, accurate and easy to interpret image. The 6kW open array is ideal for motorboats 40ft in length and above.

Key Features

  • Powerful 4 Foot Antenna
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Chart Overlay Option
  • Choice Of Colour Palettes
  • Automatic Clarity
  • MARPA Target Tracking
  • Dual Guard Zones
  • 64nm Range
  • Waterproof (IPx6)
  • Ethernet Connectivity

Powerful 4 Foot Antenna

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

See targets more clearly and reject clutter with 10-bit digital radar video sampling and Sensitivity Time Control.

Chart Overlay Option

Interpret targets instantly in relation to chart information for unrivalled navigation. (Requires input from a heading sensor).

Choice Of Colour Palettes

Choose a colour to suit both the lighting conditions and your personal preference.

Automatic Clarity

Proven Harbour and Offshore auto modes offer a simple solution that requires no tuning.

MARPA Target Tracking

Track up to 10 targets (requires a heading sensor).

Dual Guard Zones

Protect yourself from more angles.

64nm Range

Ideal for offshore use as well as inshore.

Waterproof (IPx6)

Certified to IPX6 standard.

Ethernet Connectivity

Connect to an NSS, NSE or NSO navigation system with ease.


Part # TX06S-1


Product Height

432 mm / 17 in

Product Weight

24 kg / 52.9 lbs

Product Width

344 mm / 13.5 in


Power Consumption

120 W (Max)

Power Supply (Supply Voltage)

10.8 V - 42 V


Antenna Distance Range [nm]


Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg]

1.8 °

Antenna Output Power [kW]


Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB]


Antenna Rotation Speed