The Simrad Marine GO Series displays were specifically designed to help you make the absolute most of your time out on the water. The Simrad GO7 XSR is an excellent way to add GPS navigation, radar and sonar to your boat. The Simrad Go Range was designed compact enough to fit on the Smaller Sportboats, Dayboats, and Center-Consoles any whilst also coming packed with the necessary go-to on board information. The Simrad Go Display's are super easy to use with Wireless connectivity to your Personal Tablet or smartphone, keeping you in control from anywhere on board. The Best Featured of the Simrad Go Displays sit behind a sunlight-viewable Simrad touchscreen & The Simrad GO Software comes with a built-in echosounder, GPS receiver, industry standard NMEA 2000® networking and wireless connectivity.

With the Simrad Go Series Chartplotters, You can be free to control accessories like your on-board sound system, choose from an array of built-in sonar features, Navigate, connect with mobile devices. 

The Simrad Go 7 XSR 7" Display is Radar capable offering you and your family additional safety and fishfinding capabilities.

Get more from every day on the water

With the Simrad GO 7 XSR you can Experience the enhanced autopilot features along with SteadySteer™ (compatible with RPU drive pumps) and integrated with an expanded range of 3rd party technologies - including that of CZone® digital switching, Mercury® Smart Tow® for the surf and wakeboarders, control your lighting effects with the ITC Lighting control bar, and the Honda ECO mode engine information.

Key Features

  • Widescreen display with bright LED backlight
  • Easy to use with simple, tablet-style touchscreen controls
  • Compatible with Broadband 3G™/4G™ and Halo™ radar (GO7 and above)
  • Supports a wide range of charts from C-MAP and more
  • View and control your display from a compatible smartphone or tablet
  • Built-in support for CHIRP sonar, StructureScan® HD imaging, or ForwardScan™ sonar: just add a compatible transducer
  • Works with the WM-3 SiriusXM satellite weather module (GO7 and above, North America only)
  • Supports SteadySteer™, an autopilot performance enhancement for NAC-2 and NAC-3 autopilot computers fitted with RPU drive pumps
  • Compatible with a CZone® digital switching device, enabling control from the MFD via the NMEA 2000 network
  • Mercury® Smart Tow® enabled for wake shaping
  • ITC Lighting systems can be controlled with an ITC Lighting control bar
  • Supports Honda ECO mode engine information
  • Plan Position Indicator (PPI) and AIS enhanced interface capabilities (GO7 and above)
  • Access to Chart and echosounder sources from other networked devices (GO12 only)

Multi-touch display for intuitive, tablet-style control

The Simrad GO series chartplotters & Screens offer a super easy to use interface with an intuitive touchscreen panel and control which Tablet or Smartphone users will be instantly comfortable with. Customize your Simrad Go home screen Just like your iphone with the Apps and features you'll use most plus see all the information all at once with the adjustable split-screen views. Mark your waypoints on charts in a touch, and appoint names and icons that make them quick and easy to find when planning your next trip.


Chartplotter with built-in GPS helps keep you on course

Every SImrad GO series display is a chartplotter jam packed full of features with a built-in GPS receiver. The Simrad GO displays feature compatibility with a range of optional charts ranging from C-MAP to Navionics® and many more. You'll also be able to utilise more advanced chart-specific attributes such as C-MAP Easy Routing as well as Navionics Autorouting to make the planning of your next trip out on the water as easy as planning a trip in the car.


Wireless and wired connectivity take your display beyond the bridge

The Simrad Go Series features a Built-in wireless connectivity that mirrors your Simrad display to compatible smartphones or tablets, giving you instant access to your radar information, charts and other functionality from anywhere on board. Simrad Wireless connectivity also allows you to easily access online software updates through an internet hotspot. Industry-leading NMEA 2000® connectivity offers you a wide range of integration and expansion options: monitor your engines fuel efficiency + Performance, Steer your boat with a Simrad autopilot, or control on-board audio and entertainmentall from your GO series display.


Turn your display into a fishfinder

With your Simrad Go Series you can pick and choose a range of fish-finding sonar modes to suit your boat, which include CHIRP transducers or traditional sonar for a classic fish-finder view, you can also get all your fish-finding sonar in one transducer with Active Imaging™ 3-in-1. Active Imaging brings you world-class clarity + target separation of CHIRP Sonar, plus incredible detail of drop-offs, reefs and wrecks from the SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.


Find fish and track depth

With A transom-mounted HDI Skimmer® transducer you'll find fish-finding sonar for amateur anglers + offers you a simple option for power boating enthusiasts to keep an eye on the depth. Simrad CHIRP technology allows clear detection of fish throughout the water column, while DownScan Imaging™ sonar creates picture-like view of fish-holding structure for whats under your boat. Simrad FishReveal™ technology combines the two specialized views into one single, crystal-clear image of fish + structure.

 The Simrad Active Imaging™ transducer pinpoints fish and structure


Your Simrad GO series display is one powerful fishfinder when coupled with a transom-mounted, easy-to-install Active Imaging™ transducer. Enjoy  the advantages of Simrad CHIRP Sonar, DownScan Imaging and SideScan which deliver a wide-angle image of fish-holding structure beneath + to the sides of your boat. Locate structure quicker and identify fish easier with DownScan Imaging + FishReveal™.


The Simrad HALO24 & HALO20+ Offer Ultimate situational awareness

The revolutionary Simrad HALO24 and HALO20+ pulse compression dome radar delivers an industry-leading 360-degree sweep every second at close range, for the pinnacle in collision avoidance against stationary and fast-moving targets. Offering high-quality short, mid & long-range detection, the feature-packed dome antennas allow targets to be seen vividly - even in the toughest environmental conditions.

The Latest Simrad software updates feature a range of Radar panel and AIS improvements (For the Simrad GO7 models and above).

These include:

  • Visual enhancements to graphics and data displayed. Such as Plan Position Indicator (PPI) design improvements and AIS targets displayed as an outline of a vessel.
  • A new menu structure, allowing easier access to commonly used controls and features.
  • New AIS and MARPA target symbols providing additional information for stationary and moving targets supported by better graphics for clearer visual explanation.
  • Moving Radar MARPA and AIS targets now display a graduated trail showing the vessel’s past position history on the radar PPI. Duration of history length can be customised.
  • Simplification of displayed targets by combining MARPA and AIS targets for the same vessel as one symbol.
  • A significant new safety and situational awareness tool, a Dangerous Target Alert; appearing in a pop-up window, that not only alerts the user, but guides them to the relative range and bearing of the dangerous target.
  • The introduction of new ‘adjustment handles’ making it easier to set Guard zones using a touch screen


Simrad HALO20 radar offers a cost-effective solution

The Simrad HALO20 Radar system is a great way to add the Simrad pulse compression technology to smaller powerboats. View channel markers right off the bow & See storm cells 24 nautical miles away. These powerful yet compact dome radars make installing easy, require low power supply and boot up instantly from standby mode to give you full radar coverage exactly where and when you need it.


Get More networking flexibility and  capability for Simrad GO12

With the release of the software update 20.2, the Ethernet port labelled “Radar” on the back of the Simrad Go12 has been enabled to allow you access to Chart and echosounder sources from other network devices.

The SimradGO12 can now access and display:

  • Data from Simrad S5100 & Simrad SonarHub modules
  • Simrad echosounder data from another Simrad GO12 or a Simrad NSS MFD with a connected transducer, and
  • Chart data from Navionics or CMap chart cards inserted into other Simrad GO12 units or Simrad NSS / NSO MFDs

Note: If a Simrad StructureScan 3D module has been connected to a Simrad GO12, it does not have the Simrad StructureScan 3D feature; however, Simrad DownScan and SideScan are available. Simrad GO12 also does not have video over IP functionality.

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