Deep Cycle Batteries, Maintenence Free, Specifically designed to handle the harsh and demanding effects of vibration while delivering reliable starting power and performance.

Built Tough! Not only is a boat battery needed to provide the power necessary to start the boat's engines, a second battery is also needed to power the on-board equipment, which can range from the essentials such as GPS, nav lights and console equipment, to high-consumption items like fridges, radios and TVs.

Deep Cycle Batteries are often used in a dual system on boats, where the ignition is provided by a standard (Stop Start) battery, leaving the deep cycle battery to power the on-board equipment.

These dual systems help provide peace of mind, especially on vessels that get a lot of use, travel large distances from land, or have a large power requirement for on-board equipment. Having a flat battery at sea is a dreadful situation to find yourself in, so before you make your next trip, pop into The Battery Shop so we can make sure your vessel has a top-quality battery (or dual system with a deep cycle battery) that will power all of your on-board equipment and always have enough power for you to make the journey back to land.