The Mercury Mercruiser 3.0 L MPI Repower engine has given this Haines Signature a new lease of life.
After researching second hand and reconditioned boat motors the decision was made to install a new fuel injected marine inboard engine by Hitech Marine was ultimately better value.
Greater fuel economy, more power and increased reliability was the result.
The owners are delighted with the Mercruiser engine Repower by Hitech Marine & now Instead of always working on the boat, they are enjoying time on the water.
They have also increased the resale value of this popular Australian built Haines Signature.

Sequential multi-port fuel injection precisely meters the air-to-fuel ratio, ensuring efficient operation any time the engine is running.
The Emissions Control Technology (ECT) system works in tandem with the CPU to keep emissions in check.
This results in better gas mileage and longer range. The high-displacement engine has a cast-iron block for rugged longevity. Mercury’s exclusive Engine Guardian system senses any potential problems and instantly acts to prevent engine or drive damages from low oil pressure, low drive lubricant or overheating

Mercruiser Alpha One’s drive unit has an efficient hydrodynamic profile that produces very little drag, which means better boat performance and fuel economy. Features like an integrated water pump and permanently lubricated pivot points let you spend less time on maintenance and more time boating.

For more details and the best advice & price on Mercury Mecruiser engines & Repowers contact the certified team at Hitech Marine.

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Mercruiser 3.0L MPI Features
Mercruiser 3.0L MPI Specifications
Mercruiser 3.0L MPI - Install Drawing
Inner Transom Plate - Install Drawing
Alpha 1 Generation II - Install Drawing