5.7 Litre TKS

"Do it Once - Do it Right !"

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250 Propshaft Horsepower V8 - Reliability, Economy, Torque

  • Thunderbolt V Hi-Energy Ignition and platinum-tipped spark plugs ensure reliable starts.
  • Dry-joint exhaust eliminates the chance for water to enter engine through leaky gaskets.
  • Proven GM cast iron V8 block for years of reliable operation.
  • Ceramic coated exhaust elbows resist temperature and corrosion for long life.
  • Serpentine belt system for longer belt life Performance.
  • Dual Plane intake manifold for improved fuel atomization means more power & torque.
  • Standard anti-feedback power steering helps reduces operator fatigue and makes boat handling a breeze.
  • Operates on easy to find, less expensive 87 octane fuel.
  • Turn Key Starting for easy starts, cold or hot, every time with no choking or priming.
  • Helm-mounted Audio Warning System monitors oil pressure, engine temperature and drive lube level and provides instant alarm if any vary from normal.
  • Large 65 Amp alternator provides plenty of power for popular onboard electronics.

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