Repower + 5.7L EFI

"Do it Once - Do it Right !"

Additional Information

5.7L 4 Barrel EFI, Roller Lifter, Gen Plus Long V8.


GM 350 CUI V8 Engine Replaces 1987 and newer GM 5.0L & 5.7L engine applications. 

This is a Remanufactured Long Engine, Complete with all new Fuel (Injection) & Electrical systems including engine computer, Hot Tested & Dyno Certified. 

Mercury Remanufacturing know the exact product specifications, because they developed them in the first place. Mercury use the opportunity to leverage years of research, design, product development, and manufacturing to produce the finest replacement remanufactured products in the marine industry today. Careful attention is paid to the specification details adhering to marine manufacturers quality and safety standards. 

HITECH have been in the Engine Reconditioning Business for over 28 years. Our Engine Rebuilds & Repairs are approched from a Qualified Engine Reconditioners Perspective, rather than that of a Boat sales yard or service mechanic. 

For a simple repair, a full overhaul, or the supply & Installation of a Reman or New Unit, see the Mercury Certified team at...

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